Alex Leith

I am a GIS guy, a developer, I do software and I'm a practiced spatial data wrangler. I currently work at Glenorchy City Council in Hobart, Tasmania. I have a Surveying and Spatial Sciences degree and completed Honours in 2010. This is a little website about me.

What I do

While I have extensive experience with specific GIS software products, including ArcGIS, FME, MapInfo, QGIS, Eonfusion, GRASS, GDAL/OGR, GeoServer, and databases, including SQL Server and PostGres/PostGIS. I'm pretty good at being software agnostic, or software opportunistic! I understand software and IT and how it all fits together, from the kernel to the browser, from the database to the desktop. That said, the following lists contain some more specific skills.

GIS Stuff

  • Map creation
  • Basic through advanced GIS analysis
  • Algorithm implementation
  • Software process refinement
  • Batch scripting and automation
  • High level general software skills, including wide GIS experience

Software Stuff

  • Research and development of spatial models including flood and urban growth modelling
  • Model implementation and testing
  • Deployment of mobile data collection solutions
  • Virtual Server deployment and configuration, including nightly
    scheduled tasks and scripted automation
  • Web-mapping research, development and deployment

Code Stuff

  • I write Python code to stick things together
  • I write C# for business applications, as well as have implemented spatial algorithms for Eonfusion
  • I have familiarity with shell and batch scripting
  • I'm learning javascript actively
  • And I have studied Java in the past

Examples of my Work


You can find me on the social media pages below, or email me.